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How do I analyse my finance?
How do I analyse my finance?

Analysing your project finance

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Analyzing your finances helps you gain insights into your project's financial health, track expenses, monitor budgets, and make informed decisions. The Kole app streamlines this process by offering a comprehensive overview of your income and expenses, ensuring convenient financial analysis.

Here are some ways analyzing your finances through the Kole app can be beneficial:

Finance Overview Dashboard: The dashboard presents a snapshot of your financial status, displaying key metrics such as total budget, expenses, cost variations, and more. This feature provides a quick and informative summary of your project's financial performance.

Monitor Expenses: Within the Kole app, you can effortlessly track and categorize all project-related expenses, including materials, labor, and other costs. Keeping these records updated regularly ensures accurate financial data.

Generate Financial Reports: The Kole app allows you to access various reports, such as expense breakdowns presented in bar or pie charts, making it easier to grasp your financial situation. Furthermore, these reports can be downloaded for your convenience.

To access your project's financial analysis, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Kole account.

  2. Once logged in, click "Finance" in the menu bar at the left corner of your dashboard.

  3. On the finance overview page, you will find comprehensive details about your total expenditure, expenditure history, and financial activities.

  4. The “Filter” button at the top right corner can help customize the report based on project, phase, and time range, tailoring the analysis to your needs.

  5. The Kole app also lets you download your project's financial information in various formats like CSV, PNG, and SVG.

Remember to regularly update and maintain your financial data in the app to ensure accurate and reliable financial analysis.

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